The Harem of Jason Morgan




On the Port Charles side of the pier looking out to Wyndemere. Robin and Nikolas laugh comfortable with each other and the day that they had spent together on the island. Robin is dressed in a caramel colored velour dress that compliments her hair and eyes and hugs her trim figure. Off the shoulder and long sleeved, it is demure but not shy. At her throat is a fresh water pearl necklace. Her back pack carries the casual clothes that she had worn during the days activities.

"I so rarely see Uncle surprised, but you did it." Nikolas laughs.

"I had a feeling there was a fix in the works. You didn't tell him that I'd been skeet shooting before, did you?"

"Tell Uncle that you were more than proficient with firearms? I don't think so. He was leery enough of our friendship while I was recovering. I don't think that he underestimates you the way that some might, but I don't think skeet shooting was what he was expecting."

"How did you set it up?" Robin asks curiously.

"It is actually part of my well rounded education. Uncle and Alexis used to work out also. Alexis was always better with pistols however. It was something that Uncle used to take pride in." Nikolas says sadly.

"You miss her don't you? Just because she and Stefan aren't getting along, doesn't mean that you can't still see her. I know she is still working at the hospital."

"What she did, Robin, was unforgivable. She betrayed the family."

"There are actually few things that are truly unforgivable--- do either of us have enough family to throw any away?"

"I agree, but it is out of my hands for now. Since Alexis went to work for Jas..."

"It's okay; you can say it. Since Alexis went to work for Jason."

"I don't want to trespass. I know that you two aren't seeing each other any more... but you still have feelings for him, don't you?"

Robin reaches up and runs a hand along the delicate necklace at her throat. "I'll always care about Jason. He helped me through the roughest part of my life when all I wanted to do was die. He'd deny it, but he gave me my life back. He was the one that convinced me to go on the protocol. He helped me see a future with me in it which is funny cause Jason doesn't believe in the future... only the present." Just then a shiver goes through Robin and she looks around the dock area feeling something amiss. Her gaze passes over a man sitting up on the dock. His dirty blonde hair is matted into dreds and he wears a surplus army jacket. By his side is a boom box and a brown bag with the distinctive long neck of a 22 oz beer extending from it. Memorizing the man from habit long ingrained she takes in his features from the dreaded locks to the polished loafers before Nikolas distracts her back to him with his concerned comment.

"Hey are you okay? You went away for a moment."

Smiling Robin shakes off the feeling. "Sure felt a ghost walk over my grave is all."

"What a gruesome thing to say." Nikolas relies appalled

Robin grins. "Another one of those Americanism that so frustrates your uncle. I just got the feeling that something was wrong. But everything is fine now. I really should be getting home."

Nikolas also looks around the dock area trying to find what had put Robin at unease. His gaze passes over the man without pause. Just another homeless person hanging out at the docks looking to pick up some day labor from the incoming ships. "I wish that you would let me pick you up."

"Now that would be hopelessly inefficient, wouldn't it? I mean you coming to pick me up and then driving me back to your house and then having to make the return trip later."

"It just doesn't seem proper."

Robin laughs. "Good. I think I'm getting tired of always being the proper one. For some reason it spoils all the fun."

Nikolas reaches out and slides the back of his knuckles beneath Robin's chin tilting it up slightly to look in to her sable brown eyes before her thick lashes dip to disguise her thoughts. Slowly he moves in closer and lowers his head to hers. His mouth moves to hers covering it gently and then with increasing pressure as her lips part so does his and the kiss deepens holding both of their attention. The depression of a camera shutter goes unnoticed as their focus narrows to only each other. Breaking away from Nikolas' embrace, Robin steps back her breathing ragged.

"Nikolas...." Her words are silenced by Nikolas' index finger across her lips.

"Don't. Don't spoil 'the fun;' I had a great day today. I hope you did too."

"You know I did." Robin protests.

"Then we'll have to do it again soon."

"Nikolas..." Robin starts warningly before she is cut off again by Nikolas.

"Come. Let me walk you to your car." Together they walk past the man to where Robin has parked her car. Nikolas hand her into the car watching as she buckles up and goes through a basic routine before she looks up at him and waving he steps back from the car and allow her to pull away. Again unnoticed is the clicking of a camera and the muttering of the homeless man talking to himself.

"Yeah, yeah I got the pictures. She just left heading south on the dock road. Heading out of town. You got someone on her? Tell the boss he'll have the pictures within the hour. You think that Morgan will get the message?"

Moments later a car pulls in behind Robin Scorpio who is heading back to the cottage that she once shared with her best friend Brenda Barrett. The driver of the following car is on a cellular phone with his boss.

"Yeah, I'm on her. We still just tailing or what? The only place that is out this road that she could be staying is the Barrett broad's place. You want me to make it look like an accident? Consider it done." Slapping the cell phone closed the thug tosses it onto the empty passenger seat. Grasping the wheel firmly he accelerates in a rush. The souped up engine responds with a roar jumping forward closing the distance between the car and Robin.

Robin's almost blinded by the headlights in her rear view mirror. "Where did that guy come from? Is he insane... He's going way too fast." Just then the car slams into the rear of Robin's car whipping her forward and back. Looking around frantically she accelerates trying to maintain a distance between her and the car following her. "I know the road I have the advantage but damn it there are no advantages on this road. Too many curves too many trees and no room. " Just then she is slammed again from behind rocking the car and edging it to the shoulder. Robin corrects the car her arms straining since the trunk of her car is now crushed and grating on the back tires causing them to smoke and pull unevenly slowing her down and allowing the other car to overtake her. The brief respite from the glaring headlights is overshadowed as the heavier car pulls along side and in a moment time seems to stand still as the other car swerves into Robin's car forcing it off the road and to a sudden stop as it meets an immovable object-- a tree. The other car continues on down the road unconcerned about the outcome of his night's work.

The penthouse Jason is in his office going through the paperwork that would have him jailed for years if it falls into the wrong hands. He looks up at the rap on the door. Rinaldo barely pauses before entering a flat envelope in his hands.

"It didn't have a return address on it and no post mark so I checked it out. I knew that you needed to see this ASAP." Rinaldo's voice is grim.

"What is it?" Jason reaches for the envelope dumping the contents on his desk. He rises in a furious motion. "when were these dropped off?"

Rinaldo shrugs. "I don't know, boss. Within the last hour. They were dropped off at the front desk. They beeped me when they were sorting through the mail."

"I want a copy of the security tape. NOW." Rinaldo leaves. Jason picks up the phone and dials the outback as his sole curtesy call. "Mac? Where is Robin? Why? Cause I just got a threat against her. Fine. You take care of her and I'm going to take care of the threat. You don't want to know and you don't really care what I do about it ... do you? I didn't think so." Jason hangs up without saying goodbye. "Damn it. You were suppose to be safe." Jason's gaze fall again on the pictures of Robin and Nikolas on the docks. Robin's face is covered with red marker in the shape of crosshairs and a message is written across the bottom.




The Harem of Jason Morgan


Too Close for Comfort

by Ashlyn


Em and Liz's room

Liz lounges on her bed, flipping lazily through a magazine when a knock at the door captures her attention. "It's open."

Brenda strides in and flounces on Emily's bed, pulling at her long sleeves while cocking her head curiously at Elizabeth. "What are you up to?" She asks.

Feigning innocence, Liz just smiles. "Whatever do you mean?

"You asked me about my high school days, the stuff with Jagged edge and Karen, wait for my answer and then up and leave...what's going on?

"I just wanted a little advice from the master of high school stunts. No big deal, so you gonna cover for me tonight?" Liz asks, her voice rising ever so slightly with urgency. "Carly is a real stickler for knowing my every move, and this Moreno stuff has everyone bothered, I need your help.

"You have to take Rinaldo with you, "Holding up a hand to cut off Liz's outcries, Brenda remains firm. "He won't care about what you're doing.. but he has to go with you. Trust me, whatever happens remains between you, me and him. Now, spill, what have you got planned? "Drawing her knees up, she hugs her legs with her hands and smiles broadly. "I want all the details.

Liz grins and shrugs her shoulders before collapsing into a fit of giggles. "Let's just say it's payback time for Prince Nikky and the Barbie girl.

"Huh uh, you ain't getting my help unless I get the dirt. I need some excitement. "Brenda waits as Liz ponders whether to confide in her. "Look at it this way, not only am I securing your privacy, arranging for the studliest bodyguard this side of the state line, I am also offering my Brenda Barrett, surefire way to make your enemies pay, book of dirty tricks. Lay it on me, and if it gets my seal of approval, you have nothing to worry about.

"When you put it that way..."Liz replies before giving in and conspiring with the PC High School legend.

The outside hallway...

Rinaldo sighs as he looks wearily at the doors on either side of him. "Are you sure, Johnny?

Johnny gulps as he hangs his head in what could almost be called fear. "I'm positive, think about it, all of them are craving chocolate, one minute they are happy, the next they are drawing blood, I actually say Emily and Carly crying at some phone's happened...

Rinaldo grimaces slightly. "Brenda taunted Jason with the idea of it.. all of them on the same cycle.. she even teased me about it.. asking how we would all handle it.. but I didn't think it would actually happen.

"It's has happened, trust me. I have four sisters and man...we gotta tell the boss."Johnny motions to the main penthouse door. "I think you should do it.

"ME???? "Rinaldo asks incrediously . "You're the one with all the sisters, I was an only child.

"You're his Lt. He trusts you to tell him the important stuff." Johnny points out.

"He trusts you too, I'll flip you for it..." Rinaldo suggests as he pulls out a coin.

Alexis's kitchen...

Dara, Keesha and Alexis stare at the opened refrigerator and sigh in unison. Stocked full of everything but nothing any of them want; they close it and begin rummaging through shelves.

"I thought Carly went shopping." Dara moans as she looks dreadfully at the boxes of unopened fruit think they were once her favorite cereal.

Alexis wrinkles her nose as she closes a cabinet door. "I don't think
she expected us all to be wanting chocolate at the same time.

Keesha pouts as she closes her cabinet door. "It's not fair, I haven't even lived here that long, how can I be on the same cycle as the rest of you.

Alexis shrugs her shoulders. "Just lucky I guess. Let's go raid the other fridge".

Bounding across the hall they enter into the main penthouse, finding Carly and Emily dipping spoons into various pints of Ben and Jerry's finest. Looking up at the hungry onlookers, Carly grins at them. "Grab a spoon and stay away from the mint chocolate chip.


Jason's office

Rinaldo and Johnny watch their boss carefully as the news sinks in. He is silent, as usual, cautiously plotting his line of attack. Looking up at them finally, he replies in even tones. "What should we do?

"Stay out of their way, make sure there's plenty of chocolate and comfortable clothes around..oh and whatever they want--give it to them, but be prepared for them to change their minds a lot." Johnny offers helpfully.

Rinaldo chuckles. "How is this different from any other day?

Jason cocks an eyebrow at him. "Want me to tell them you said that? OK, enough of this, we have more serious things to worry about. Carly is in control, she will make sure they are fine, any word on Moreno's whereabouts yet?

The grin vanishes from his face and Rinaldo's shoulder's tense. "Nothing yet, but we are getting closer. He is scared and that makes him an easy mark.

Jason nods but then adds gravely. "It also makes him extremely dangerous. He got too close to Emily, this won't happen again, not with her or anyone else under my protection. "A phone rings and breaks into Jason's conversation. "Hello, Robin?? What Happened??? WHAT? Where are you? I'm on my way. "Hanging up the phone, Jason's eyes are filled with rage. "Find me Moreno."



The Harem of Jason Morgan


Irresistable Forces


The radio blares, steam whistling from the broken radiator like a tea kettle and quiet hiss of the airbag deflating are the only sounds heard until the quiet groan of the driver opening her eyes. Moving slightly she cries out in pain. Tears stream down her face as she forces herself to reach for the door handle with her right hand. The door won't open. Her left side screams in pain with each movement- pushing against the door is not an option. Stretching with her right hand toward the passenger seat Robin reaches into her purse. (The strap is hung up on the headrest of the passenger seat) and pulls out the cell phone she hasn't been without since the kidnapping.

*911 what is the nature of your emergency?*

Robin replies breathlessly. ''I was run off the road. I'm trapped in my car. I need police, ambulance... hell send a firetruck I think they'll need to cut me out of here.''

*What is your location?* Robin relays the particulars. *okay ma'am the police and ambulance are on their way. ETA about five minutes-- can you tell me the status of your injuries?*

''My shoulder hurts; I think it's broken and my head is pounding.''

*Can you tell me about the other vehicle?*

''Four door, American. Heavy. All I saw was headlights. He rear ended me and then ran me off the road and kept on going.''

*Okay ma'am, I'll stay on the line with you until the ambulance arrives.*

''I can hear the sirens. Could you do me a favor and call my Uncle Mac? Mac Scorpio-- he should be at the Outback Restaurant.''

*MAC Scorpio?! Yes ma'am-- I'll inform him.*

''The paramedics are here... they'll probably take me to GH.''

*I'll let him know, ma'am.''

''You wouldn't happen to be related to V. Ardonowski, would you?''

*No ma'am, why do you ask?*

''No reason.''

The Outback phone rings. Mac picks up the phone. ''Robin?''

*NO sir, this is the 911 operator. Your niece asked me to call you. She's been involved in an accident.*

''What kind of accident? Why didn't she call me?''

*One second sir....* There is the sound of another conversation in the background. *Sir?-- your niece is enroute to General Hospital. Sir? Sir?*

''Mac?'' Felicia inquires to Mac's back as he races from the restaurant. She picks up the phone. ''Who is this?''

*911 operator.*

''Oh my gosh, what happened?''

*Mr Scorpio's niece was involved in a car accident.*

''Thank you for calling.'' Filly hangs up the phone and grabbing her purse runs out of the restaurant in time to flag Mac down as he is pulling out of the parking lot. The car barely stops before Filly jumps in and Mac floors it allowing the momentum to close the passenger door. Filly grabs for her seat belt and buckles in then braces herself as Mac runs a yellow and continues to accelerate. ''Just don't kill us on the way there, okay?''

Mac's white knuckles grip the wheel. ''Jason called me to warn me that someone might come after Robin. DAMNIT!!'' Mac slams his hand against the wheel.

''All we know is that it was an accident,'' Felicia reminds him reassuringly her legs braced against the dash.

Mac takes a deep breath and exhales his foot easing off the gas by a hair bringing himself back under control. ''Right and the operator said Robin told her to call.''

''Right. We'll probably beat the ambulance there.''



Bobbie is charting at the nurses' station. She was off shift about 15 minutes ago but it's been one of those nights. All of a sudden there is a slam of two hands on the counter. Bobbie looks up abruptly.

''Where is she?''

''Where is who? Mac, Felicia, What's going on?''

''Robin was in an accident; they're bringing her here.''

''Oh my goodness! I'll go check. You two go sit down and I'll be right back.'' Bobbie rushes away. Mac doesn't move until Filly starts tugging on his arm.

''Come on, Mac. Bobbie will look for us over there first.'' Mac allows himself to be lead over to the chairs but doesn't sit for long before beginning to pace. Filly watches him from the chairs that she has curled up into. Her head follows his movement like a tennis match. Mac stops abruptly and Filly's eyes follow his gaze.

Bobbie arrives breathlessly. Her hand reaches out to Mac's arm. ''She's about two minutes away.... she's awake and alert.''

''What happened? How is she?''

''We won't know for sure until she gets here and the doctor gets to take a look at her. I'll be right back.'' Bobbie hurries to the nurses' station and begins to set the land speed record for charting. Each entry is legible and accurate but hurried so that she can be there for her friends. Her last entry ties with the arrival of the ambulance. Joe Scanlon meets the door as Frank wheels in the gurney.

''What have we got?''

''Hit and run auto. Pulse and BP good. Saline in. Patient is oriented times three. Pupils slow to react but equal. Looks like a seat belt injury.''

''Collar bone?'' Joe starts checking pupils as Frank nods. ''okay lets get her into exam three.''

''Robin? Robin?!'' Mac is beside the gurney in a heart beat his voice filled with dismay seeing Robin stretched out on a back board and with a cervical collar immobilizing her head.

''It's okay, Uncle Mac. It looks worse than it is.'' Robin starts to cry as reaction sets in. ''But the car is totalled. I heard the officer talking about it.''

''We can replace the damn car!''

''Sir, we need to take her to the exam room.''

''I'm going with Robin,'' Mac insists. Joe looks over at Bobbie pleadingly.

''Mac, No. It will just slow the doctors down... let them get going with Robin. I'll check in on her I promise. I'm off shift now so I won't be called away.''

''It's okay, Uncle Mac. I'm not going anywhere.'' Robin sniffs reassuringly trying to be cheerful to mellow her uncle out. In the moment Joe and Frank wheel the gurney away. The sliding glass doors to the exam rooms closes after the gurney leaving Bobbie, Felicia and Mac standing in the waiting area.

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