The Harem of Jason Morgan




By Ashlyn




Carly enters the penthouse, her eyes blazing with fury. "Where are you, Jason? Jason!!"

Robin emerges from the kitchen smugly. "He's not here, what do you need, Carly?"

"I have nothing to say to you, Robin. Where is Jason?" Carly demands as she faces her enemy. They circle each other.

"You just missed him. He went with Emily to talk things over at her favorite restaurant." Rolling her eyes, she says. "She is such a spoiled brat, and he encourages her behavior."

Carly takes a step closer to Robin, her finger in her face. "You shut the hell up! No one talks about Emily that way!"

Jason opens the door and enters the penthouse, but with her back to the door, Robin doesn't see him. "Who in the hell do you think you are, coming in here to my house?" Robin asks angrily. "Haven't you gotten the picture yet?? Jason doesn't care about you! He never has, that's why he continues to choose me over you. You are so pathetic! You honestly thought that saying Jason was the father of your bastard son would keep him indebted to you? I'd say you're lucky that he hasn't tossed your rear back into the psychiatric ward and taken full custody of Michael!"

Jason stands in shock as Carly throws up her hands in disgust. "See what I mean now?" She asks.

Robin whirls around to find herself face to face with a furious Jason. She tries to say something, but the words just don't seem to flow as he just glowers at her. "Get your things and get out!" He rages as Emily pushes her way into the room.

"What's going on?" She asks as she surveys the situation. Robin begins to sob as Carly leans wearily against the couch.

"Jason, please, I can explain." Before she is able to get through to him, he turns on his heel and leaves angrily. Robin rushes out to follow him.

"Did he just tell her to get out?" Emily asks in shock.

"Yeah, but she'll talk her way out of it, she always does. I can't do this anymore." Carly embraces Emily tightly. "I love you, so don't be a stranger."

"Wait!" Emily cries as she pulls away. "He's tossing her out! You can come back home."

"I don't want to be someone's second choice, Em." Carly says sadly. "He loves Robin, he's just mad at her right now. He'll get over it; He always has before."

"He loves you! Everyone can see it! You love him too! We're a family!" Emily argues.

"He cares about me, but he doesn't love me the way that I love him. I should have seen it eons ago, but I kept believing there was something special between us. Em, I can't be here when he gets back, otherwise I won't be able to do this. You have to trust me here."

Em hugs her. "I do trust you, Carly, and I know things will work out."

Meanwhile, on their bridge, Robin continues to try and reach Jason. "She baited me! You didn't hear all the mean and awful things she said to me. I tried to keep my cool, but Jason you know how she is."

"Yeah, I know exactly how she is! Which is more than I can say about you!" He looks at her with disgust. "I was such an idiot, the quarterbrain Taggert always called me. Everyone I cared about went running for cover as soon as you re-entered the situation, but I thought they were the ones who were blind, it never occurred to me that I was the idiot."

"Jason, I love you." Robin says tearfully.

"No, you love Jason Quartermaine, you have all along. It was never about me and you, it was about you and him. He doesn't live here anymore!" Jason clenches his fists. "I loved you! I tried to change to suit myself to your liking! Carly, she loved me for me."

"She loved you for the money!" Robin counters angrily. "She arranged all of this, can't you see that?!"

"I can see that I have probably lost her because of my own stupid choices. Because I chose to believe everything you ever told me, because I took your word above everyone's. But no more. I want you out of my home, out of my life! Stay away from me and stay the hell away from the people I care about!" Jason turns to leaves as she falls to her knees, sobbing.

"JASON! Please, I love you! Don't do this! I can't lose another person I love!!"

"You didn't lose me, Robin." He whispers. The hope in her eyes is crushed at his next statement. "You never had me to begin with." He walks away, tuning out the loud wailing of her sobs.





by Ashlyn


Jason approaches the farmhouse as he takes in the beauty sitting on the front porch. The cool, clear night seems to fit the moment as the light breeze gently blows her blond hair away from her face. She sips on her glass of iced tea as she makes eye contact with him. "Michael's already asleep inside."

"I didn't come here to see Michael." He says softly, taking a seat next to her on the steps. "Emily told me you didn't want to wait for me."

"Right, but who was I kidding? I've spent almost every waking minute of my life waiting for you." She says as he looks at her with confusion. "When I was a little girl, I had this image of who I'd spend the rest of my life with. He was strong, handsome, honest.. in a word, you."

~~ Do you always trust your first initial feeling?
Special knowledge holds truth, bears believing
I turned around
And the water was closing all around
Like a glove
Like the love...that had finally, finally found me~~

"I should have listened to what you were trying to tell me." Jason says as he stares at his hands. "You were right about Robin."

"Yeah, and some of the time, she was right about me too. I never tried to hide myself from you, Jason."

"I know."

"And you know, I never gave a damn about the other women. I know you well enough, hell-- I know better than anyone you separate love from sex." Carly's voice becomes shaky, almost childlike as she continues. "But, I thought you and I had something special... Something beyond the great sex, beyond our love for Michael."

"We do."

"Do we? You never considered I might be right, that perhaps perfect little Robin was part to blame for our arguments."

"I already said I was an idiot." Jason says as he looks deep in her eyes. "I've missed you. You and I, we make sense. We aren't perfect-- far from it, but things work when we're a team. You make my house a home, Carly, and without you there, it's not mine."

"Jason, do you love me?" She asks, holding her breath as he ponders the question.

"Yes, Caroline, I love you." He whispers as she begins to cry softly. Wrapping his arm around her, she nuzzles against him as they just hold each other.

~~Then I knew
In the crystalline knowledge...of you
Drove me through the mountains
Through the crystal-like clear water fountain
Drove me like a the sea~~

Inside, the curious onlookers move away from the windows. Brenda is the first to speak. "Ok, Carly is moving back, who else is leaving?"

Liz shrugs as she looks at Alexis. "I don't know."

Sonny takes Alexis by the hand. "I need to speak to you for a minute." Alexis follows him into the kitchen as he cups her chin in his hand. "Marry me, Lexi."

"What?!" She stutters as she pulls away from his touch. "Have you been inhaling the oven cleaner?"

"I'm serious, marry me. I am head over heels in love with you. You sparked my interest from the first moment we met back in GH, even when my heart belonged to another woman. I am crazy about you."

~~ How the faces of love have changed
I'm turning the pages
And I have changed...oh, but remain ageless~~

"This is insane, you are insane. You definitely have the crazy part right."

"You bet, and I'm willing to make it worth your while. Give me two years to make your heart skip a beat. Two years, and if you don't love the name Alexis Corinthos, I will give you a new life wherever you choose, a life that the Cassadines can't touch. You need protection, I'm just that. They won't dream of hurting you as long as you are married to me, or under my protection. I can give you the family you've spent your entire life searching for."

"You have no idea what I've spent my life doing, you have no idea who I am." Alexis retorts, trying to push his proposal out of her mind. She knows in her mind that this is nonsense, yet somewhere, somewhere in her she knows he is being serious.

"I know you hum classic rock and roll songs when you think no one is around to hear you. I know that you wanted to try fishing, yet your high class upbringing kept you from taking the chance. You have spent your life looking out for everyone else's best interests, all the while ignoring your own needs. I can be the man you've been waiting for, Lex. A man who not only understands your desire to work, but who can encourage you, shelter you, help you." Flashing her his best smile, dimples creating pools in his cheeks, he adds. "Who better than an ex criminal to help a lawyer out."

"Ex-criminal?" She scoffs. "How do I know you aren't back into the organization, or that you won't be as soon as Jason settles into his life with Carly."

"Jason loves his job, he's good at it. I want to be free, Alexis. Maybe you can understand that better than anyone, I want to be free to not look over my shoulder every time I walk out of my home. To be able to bond with my namesake, have dinner on the table when my sexy wife comes home from the office, to help the kid with her homework.."

"Kid?" She asks cautiously.

"Yeah, Liz. You're practically raising her, Alexis. I've seen how much you love her, how she brings the maternal instincts out in you. You probably even see a little of yourself in her, I know I do. The kid no one wanted to spend any quality time with. She responds to you, and face it, she doesn't hate me. We could be a family."

"Right, a ready made family, just add water."

"I love it when you turn sarcastic." He says softly as his eyes bore into hers. "We have chemistry, we've had it since the day I first laid eyes on you in your cousin's office at General Hospital. I was in love with another woman, yet I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You felt it, Lex."

"No, that was nausea, you seem to bring that out in me." She quips, but knows he see's through her facade. The heat that generated between them in the hospital library was hot, but it doesn't even come close to the fire between them now. He edges closer to her, as she turns away. She can feel his warm breath against her neck as he continues.

"Take a chance, Lex. For once in your life, take a chance and see if it will pay off. What do you have to lose?"

~~I turned around
And the water was closing all around
Like a glove
Like the love..that had finally, finally found me~~

"I took a chance, Sonny. I took a chance when I handed over my life to Jason, that's enough gambling to last me a life time."

"So, take back your life. You'll always have his protection, mine too, no matter what you decide, but, things didn't work out with Ashton, and I'm here. Ready, willing, able. I could be the one to make you happy."

"You are pretty sure of yourself."

"Lexi, think about it.. A house husband who cooks your dinner, helps Liz with her homework, baby sits my namesake, tosses around legal strategies with you, makes mad, passionate love till the morning comes. We could even start our own family. I'm man you need and one day I'll be the man you want. Two years, Davis, it's a win/win situation."

"Two years?" She asks, still unable to think clearly.

"We can move in to the penthouse across from Jason and Carly. It'll work." His smoldering brown eyes break through her reserve as she finally answers him.

"Two years, and if it doesn't work out, I will own you in court."

Liz squeals as she rushes forward and embraces the two of them. Not caring that they know she has been eavesdropping. "You're serious?! I mean you want me to live you guys??"

Sonny smiles at her. "You bet, think you can handle it??"

"This is beyond cool!"

Brenda wraps her arms around Rinaldo's waist and grins. "They're all moving out, I bet Jase would let us stay here."

"This big house, all those rooms?" Rinaldo says with a mischievous smile. "Whatever would we do with all this space?"

"Oh, we'll think of something." She says before pressing her lips against his.

~~then I the crystalline knowledge of you
Drove me through the mountains
Through the crystal-like, clear water fountain
Drove me like a the sea
To the sea....
To the sea....~~

Song is Crystal by Stevie Nicks.