The Harem of Jason Morgan



The Gathering


Jason Morgan enters the penthouse without turning on any lights. Making his way upstairs he pauses briefly in the nursery doorway. His eyes already adjusted to the dark; he watches Michael's tiny breaths easier now and refreshingly normal. Walking down the hall he enters Carly's room where the light and soft sound of the television is the only illumination. Two women sleep on top of the bed both fully dressed as if they fell asleep waiting. In the dim light he can see the traces of tears on Emily's cheeks. Carly, even in sleep, rests her hand on Emily's arm. He turns off the television and prepares to go back downstairs to crash on the couch. As the TV clicks off, Carly wakes.


"Yeah, go back to sleep."

"Do you have a minute to talk?"

"Sure, lets take it downstairs." As they clear the doorway Jason asks, "What's up with Em?"

"Things evidently blew up over at the mansion today. Alan flipped out. Ned's still down in Brooklyn. Monica has her hands full with Alan. Edward's worried about Lila. A doctor's already checked her out though." Carly rushes with the last reassuringly.

"I thought that this might happen. Alan looked like hell when I took Michael to see Grandmother."

By this time Jason and Carly have reached the dining area. Carly sits on the table while Jason stands with his arms crossed. "It got to be too much for Em. She went for a walk and ended up at Kelly's-- that's where she called the apartment from. Since you weren't here, Renaldo and I went out and picked her up."

"Good. Does Monica know that she's here?"

"Em called the hospital and left a message but she hasn't called back yet. The butler knows she's here. A few days ago it was just you and me and the baby. Now it is a full house."

"And it's going to get fuller. I saw Brenda tonight."

"Sonny's old girlfriend? I thought that she was locked up?" Carly asks incredulously.

"She's getting out tomorrow. She needs a place to stay until I can get her out of town."

"Is she going to Sonny?"

"No, She wants to disappear, not join Sonny."

"Jase... is it safe? I mean, isn't she wacked?"

"She's changed that's all I know. You're worried about Michael."

"Aren't you?"

"We can make sure that she isn't left alone with Michael." There is a long pause. "People might come looking for her or maybe for Alexis-- but that's a long shot. Anyone coming after Alexis is going to be tailing Luke or Ned. Can you open up the other penthouse? The modifications have been completed. Alexis and Brenda can stay over there. That way they won't be here if anyone asks." Turning Jason looks out the penthouse window but doesn't see the lighted city before him. His mind swiftly calculates and weighs options. "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Other than opening up the other apartment, my day is flexible. I was going to spend some time with Em. Why?"

"Why don't you take Michael over to Laura's tomorrow? I need a little help."

Carly leans forward curiously. "What is it?"

"Moreno's trial starts tomorrow. Any of my guys would be noticed immediately."

"You need a spy!" Carly's eyes light in anticipation.

"I need someone low profile-- you think that you could manage that?" Jason retorts wryly.

"It's a stretch but I think that I could."

"I want to know everything that happens--"

"Are you expecting trouble?"

Jason is silent then asks, "What has Alexis been doing?"

"She didn't come out of her room. It's so weird, Jase. She always seemed to project invincibility, you know. Whatever happened to her has her spooked. I think I'm starting to buy into that Cassadine Conspiracy thing now."

"It's not a secret anymore that you're a Spencer, Michael too -- Is that a problem?"

"I'm watching my back- and yours." Carly slides off the table and hugs Jason from behind her breasts pressing against him and the side of her face resting between his shoulder blades. "Is it too mean to say that I wish that Em wasn't asleep upstairs?"

Turning in her embrace, Jason tilts her head up and ravishes her mouth thoroughly. "It's awful cold outside." He murmurs upon lifting his head.

"But you don't feel the cold..." Carly replies breathlessly her eyes still closed and her knees weak.

"But a hot shower would feel good."

"There are fresh towels in the downstairs bathroom."

"Let's see how big the hot water tank is."

"You're going to be the death of me." Carly tease as she threads her arm around Jason's waist.

"I hope not."

8am the next morning, Graciella, Carly and Liz are in the kitchen. Liz is barely functioning considering it too damn early in the morning. Her hands are wrapped around a coffee cup. "I can't believe I'm up this early!"

Carly replies, "I can't believe it either. It's all Michael's fault-- I don't know where I went wrong but he didn't inherit the Spencer sleep late gene."

"It is just so weird that you're Lucky's cousin?!"

Carly wrinkles her nose. "You've got company. Although... of all the families in Port Charles-- I guess that no one should be surprised that I'm related to the Spencer's. Here. Will you take this into Jason?"

"Sure." Liz looks down at the bowl that Carly has handed her. "Yuck! What is it?"

"Rice cereal for Michael."

Walking into the dining room, Liz takes the next to the last seat available around the table. Already seated are Alexis, Brenda, Emily and Jason who has Michael in front of him in a baby seat that's on top of the table. Liz hands the bowl to Jason but her eyes are trained on Brenda Barrett, supermodel and infamous wacko. The last breakdown and suicide attempt had not been able to be hushed up by Jasper Jacks in fact... Mr. Jacks had ended up in the papers himself. It had all been detailed in The Intruder. Jason eyes Liz, then blowing softly on the cereal spoons it into Michael's birdlike mouth. As Carly takes the last seat Jason begins to speak. "Each of you is here for a reason and the primary one is privacy. The only way that this is going to work is if anything within these walls stays here. Anyone that violates another's privacy will be asked to leave. Don't bother asking me for help in the future. Am I clear? Liz?"

Liz squirms at being the focus of the tables attention. "Yeah, No problem."

"My office is off limits except by invitation... the second elevator is off limits at all times that is for your protection as well as mine. This floor is reserved entirely for my use. The primary elevator can access this floor by key only. If you lose your key then you will have to find somewhere else to stay."

"Oh we wouldn't want to interfere with your business now, Jase." Brenda taunts.

Jason ignores the interjection. "If you need something around here ask Carly. If you plan on going out take one of the guys with you. Em and Liz, that means you. Brenda and Alexis, you'll be staying in the apartment across the hall. Alexis things have changed a bit since you were last there." Alexis winces at a memory that led to her downfall and current situation.

"Stepping off this floor would defeat the purpose of my being here and give Luke Spencer yet another reason to taunt me. But Mr. Morgan, I need to be busy." Alexis states firmly.

Jason pauses briefly in delivering another spoonful of cereal to the baby. "I'll talk to you after breakfast, Alexis. Carly, are you going to be able to help me out today?"

"Are you kidding; I'm looking forward to it. Let me just take Michael upstairs and get him cleaned up."

"Yeah, the runt is done eating he's just blowing this stuff back at me now."

Carly comes around the table and picking Michael up out of the carrier starts taking him upstairs. "Youse not a runt... nope youse mama's big boy, aren't you? Your daddy's just teasing. Yes, he is. Do you want to see Aunt Laura and play with Lulu?" Carly's babytalk voice sounds remarkably like her mother's hospital bedside manner.

Jason shakes his head and rolls his eyes slightly as he rises from his seat. "Alexis, why don't we step into my office."

Brenda's eyes glint and a half smirk appears on her face as Alexis rises to follow Jason. "Said the spider to the fly..." Alexis hesitates and then straightening her shoulders continues to follow Jason.


The Protector



Jason leans against the desk his hands crossed before him. Alexis stands about an arms length away her hands by her sides, palms sweating. Despite her calm facade she is nervous-- so much is riding on this interview. Life or Death at the whim of this man. Not for the first time, all her life, her very life had depended on the whim of some man: Mikkos, Stefan, Luke Spencer and now Jason Morgan. What would he want? What could he want in return for her life? His face is so blank, but the way he was with the child-- there is affection in him. If only I can get him to trust me, to rely on me. What does he need? Right now all I am to him is a favor for Luke Spencer-- A favor!

Jason asks interrupting Alexis' thoughts. "Know any good forgers? I have some good ones but I wouldn't mind access to a great one."

Alexis' breath leaves her in a rush. Would it be so easy? "Yes, Leo Voss-- He's gone underground right now but I know how to get hold of him. His work is exceptional. I could have him here within twenty four hours but there is a price on his head from the Cassadine."

Jason quirks a brow. "Someone you used to set up Stefan?" Alexis is silent and looks away. Jason relaxes almost imperceptibly. "Your mail from the hospital and the hotel will be brought here on a daily basis. It will be detoured from the mail rooms. Your replies will be handled the same way. All mail will be checked by Renaldo. Anything with a Cassadine address don't even bother sealing because it will be read first. The telephone in your room is wired to be routed through different sites. Reception is good but anyone trying to get a trace will think you are calling from Bombay one call and Belfast the next. Keep your calls short and there shouldn't be a problem. Tell Carly whatever office supplies you need and she'll get them for you. Contact Voss and have him get to Luke's place; I'll set him up in a safe house from there. Get together with Liz Weber and outline her legal options. She knows she is on borrowed time with me. She'll probably want to be emancipated."

Alexis also begins to relax. This she understands: the work, the directions. "Thank you." Stepping forward she kisses Jason on one cheek and then the other but steps back abruptly at his recoil. Quickly she stammers, "I'm sorry. It's a custom... to show respect and loyalty. I meant no offense."

Reaching forward Jason grabs her by the nape of the neck; pulling her toward him, he presses his mouth to hers forcing his tongue between her lips and plunders the recesses of her mouth. Alexis' hands clench in fists by her side as she stands unflinchingly, unsure how to respond, enduring the penetration silent tears forming. Drawing back, Jason takes her lower lip between his teeth and bites down just until Alexis can taste the metallic sweetness of her own blood. Jason steps back and sneers. "The loyalty of a Cassadine and a lawyer means less to me than the loyalty of a whore. Either can be bought and lasts only until a better offer comes along. You'd sell me out in a heartbeat to be back in Stefan's good graces... or is it Nik's favor you'd seek? And a lawyer-- where were your loyalties when you took Lucy Coe's money and then used the information that Kevin Collins gave you for his defense to bankrupt General Hospital? Maybe I would introduce you to my last lawyer. He sold me out to a spray of bullets that left your nephew sucking wind through a bullet hole in his neck, but no one will ever find him."

Alexis blanches. Hesitantly she reaches up and wipes away the drops of blood from the corner of her mouth. Then stepping into unfamiliar territory she reaches for the buttons of her jacket undoing them one by one. The buttons of her blouse until only her mother's ring on its chain and the thin silk of her camisole is a barrier to Jason's unwavering gaze. "I know better than anyone here how much I need you, how my life is in your hands. My existence was a gift from my mother to her protector. Now my existence is a gift from you, my protector. You're right; you have no reason to trust my loyalty but I will prove myself to you."

"Why me? Why not Luke-- he's the one that brought you to me. Or Ned?"

"Because Luke is as much a threat to me as Stefan is. He killed my father, you know. And Ned... does Ned realize the danger that I am in and even if he did do you think that he could protect me?"

Jason's silence moves Alexis to action. Taking Jason's hand she brings it to her chest. Her hands then fall to her side. She winces at his grip and then shudders as the caress changes when Jason brushes the back of his hand against the tip of her breast first one then the other inflaming them and sending heat through her. She is startled when Jason calls out. "Johnny."

The other office door opens and a bodyguard steps in. "Yeah boss."

Alexis attempts to cover herself but stops abruptly at Jason's harsh--"Don't." Lifting her chin, She straightens allowing her hands to again fall to her sides. Alexis feels the leering gaze of the bodyguard who examines her from head to toe his eyes returning to her unfettered bosom beneath the gossamer thin camisole...

"Johnny, show Alexis to her quarters." Johnny takes an unresisting Alexis by the elbow and begins to escort her from the room. As Alexis turns away her progress halts when Jason calls her name.

"I mean it, Alexis. Everything on this floor is mine. The people here are here by their own choice knowing that. I'll protect you: from the Cassadine, from Luke, but if you ever betray me now under my roof or in the future-- I will introduce you to my former attorney."

The door shuts behind Alexis and the bodyguard and as if shell shocked Alexis allows herself to be lead to Katherine Bell's former apartment. The bodyguard unlocks the door and allows Alexis to enter unescorted. Closing the door behind her Alexis sags against the door. With shaking hands she begins to button her blouse... stopping and restarting. She is startled at the voice that comes from the couch.

"Well Bless his coal black heart! Did Jason finally find someone he has less use for than me?" Brenda exhales a drag from the cigarette that's held delicately in her left hand.

Alexis takes a deep shuddering breath and tucks her blouse into her skirt giving up on buttoning it. "I didn't know you smoked?"

"Oh I do a lot of things I didn't used to. So was it good for you? You really should put ice on that lip before it starts to swell. I never knew that Jason went in for rough sex. He was always gentle as a kitten with Robin although she never had any complaints." Brenda shrugs her shoulders daintily. "Oh well he'll never touch me-- as far as he is concerned I belong to Sonny. He'd f... screw his brother's woman but not Sonny's. If you want it bad enough he'll probably give it to you whether you screwed Ned or not won't bother him. But a little advice, Sister-- don't think you can lead Jason around by his nose or other body parts. He isn't wired that way.






Carly comes rushing into the penthouse. Renaldo right behind her. Her clothes are filthy and there are cuts on both of her hands and arms. There is a cut high on her forehead that has blood matted on the side of her head. Renaldo is also cut up.

"Where's Jason?"

Emily looks at the wild woman with a dropped jaw. "What happened to you? Where's Michael?"

"He wasn't with me, Thank God. Oh Jeez-- Emily can you go over to the Spencer's and get him, Renaldo?"

Renaldo nods. "There is a car still downstairs. Carly, we need to get you cleaned up."

"Jason needs to know what happened! I need Jason now. He is going to want to talk to you too, Renaldo."

"Carly, Are you okay?"

"Em, I'm fine. I just want to see Jason and my son."

"Okay I'm on my way." Emily grabs her coat and purse practically running out the door. Renaldo beeps Jason's office intercom and indicates that there is a problem, within seconds Jason is in the living room.

"You couldn't keep a low profile, could you?" Grabbing Carly by the chin he lifts her head and examines the cut to Carly's scalp. "Why aren't you at GH?"

"This wasn't my fault! I was doing everything right like you said. The Judge called a lunch break so I was coming out of the courthouse to meet up with Renaldo. I waited to leave until everyone else had...."

"I was waiting at the base of the courthouse steps..."

"Dara and Garcia were going to her car. Was she under some kind of protection? Anyway Taggert gets into the car and Dara and Garcia are about to when..."

"Boom! Boss, the concussion from the car took out the courthouse windows. Glass was falling everywhere."

"Renaldo threw me down and covered me up but we both got cut up some. It would have been a lot worse if he hadn't."

"Which car was it?" Jason asks. "Taggert's toast." Renaldo replies grimly. "Carly and I just got out of there before all the fire crews showed up."

"What about Garcia and Jensen?" Renaldo shrugs in reply.

"I saw them moving. They were both blown back. I don't know what kind of shape they are in." Carly interjects.

"Damn Moreno!" Jason starts processing information. "How did they know which car?"

Renaldo is right with him on the thought. "Oh man! You think Moreno's got someone inside?"

"All this does is buy them some time.... so they can work on taking out witnesses. We handed this to the PCPD on a silver platter and they just can't seem to get the job done. And thanks to this little SNAFU the press, police and politicians are going to come down on my ass. Renaldo you better set up and alibi for yourself in case someone saw you there."

"What about you, Jase?" Carly worries.

"Well part of the time I was talking to Alexis. Renaldo, get cleaned up. Come on, Carly; I want to check out those cuts." Renaldo nods and turns away.


"Yeah Carly?"

"Thanks for being there."

"It was where I was supposed to be."



Later-- Jason works on cleaning up Carly's cuts putting small butterfly bandages on her scalp wound.

"So how did it go with Alexis?"

"She ticked me off." Carly moves suddenly in surprise. "Hold Still! She wants my protection and she told me how loyal she'll be."

"And you don't believe her?"

"She'd hand me over to Cassadine in a heartbeat if it meant that she'd be accepted again."

"That's nuts! Didn't she like, wake up with a snake? Luke thought it was hilarious."

"She doesn't like Luke either."

Carly shrugs. "Neither do I most of the time. You know there's that hospital party tonight for the groundbreaking on the AIDS wing?"

Jason winces. "Maybe it's a good thing you got cut up, now I don't have to go."

"I think that you should go and take Alexis."

Jason looks at her intently. "What are you thinking?"

"Cassadine will be there, the Quartermaines-- Luke too. If she's loyal to you and trusts that you'll protect her then she'll go. Otherwise she's just biding her time here, putting her life on hold waiting for the other shoe to drop-- endangering all of us. If she's loyal that's one thing... if she's not..."

Jason leans down and kisses Carly. "Your devious mind is only one of the many things I like about you."

"Thank you! And there is a side benefit. If the cops decide to arrest you for blowing up Taggert- You'll have an attorney present."

Jason laughs. "Set it up."

"You got it, Boss" Reaching up Carly wraps her arm around Jason's neck and pulls him closer for another deep kiss. "I should get going. I want to set things in motion before Emily gets home with Michael."

"Umhmm." Jason kisses her again. "Am I hurting you?"

"No, but I think you're teasing me. 'Cause I know we don't have time to finish this."



Alexis' room. She's consulting with Liz on the emancipation process.

"Do you understand that if you follow through on this that you'll be on your own... an adult? That means paying your own bills, having a job, everything. Have you finished High School?" Liz shakes her head. "That's a tough one... darn near impossible. I think that you have some decisions to make, Elizabeth. We can talk some more as soon as you've had a chance to look over the paperwork."

There's a knock on the door and Carly pokes her head through. "Hi, Am I interrupting?"

Alexis looks over at Liz who shrugs. "I think that we're done for now." Liz takes the papers and walks toward the door.

"Thanks Ms. Davis. I'll check these over." Liz closes the door behind her, leaving Alexis and Carly alone. Each eyes the other. Alexis takes in Carly's bandaged arms and cut forehead. Carly recognizes the faint swelling of Alexis' lower lip.

Alexis inquires, "What happened to you?"

"Today was a good day to stay away from the courthouse. Somebody thought they'd disrupt the Moreno trial by blowing up the prosecutor."

Alexis is shocked. "Is Dara okay?"

Carly shrugs. "She isn't dead as far as I know. The guy who was driving her car wasn't so lucky. Do you know Detective Taggert?"

Alexis replies, "I met him a few times-- He was... an abrasive man."

"Then he must have been on his best behavior with you. He hated Sonny and when Sonny disappeared-- he started up on Jason."

Alexis asks tentatively, "Did Jason....?"

"Nope! But that doesn't mean that the PCPD won't haul him in for questioning. Just like the time that Moreno tried to kill Jason and shot your nephew instead. Taggert and Garcia pulled Jason in for keeping Nikolas breathing."

Alexis rises and begins to pace. "Moreno shot Nikolas?"

Carly kicks back in an easy chair, puts her feet up on the coffee table and watches Alexis pace. "Probably not personally."

"But Jason said his old attorney....?"

Carly interrupts. "I don't know about that." Carly leans forward both feet going to the floor. "But if Jason said it, then its the truth. When Jason says something; he means it-- Every word."

Alexis begins replaying the conversation that she had with Jason weighing each word. "Then when he said that he'd protect me?"

"That means that he'd take a bullet before anyone could get to you. My question is when you said you'd be loyal to him-- What did you mean? I would do anything for Jason-- anything. Can you say the same?"

Alexis starts nervously fingering the chain at her neck clasping her mother's ring tightly. "What can I do? He doesn't trust me!"

"What's on the chain?"

"My Mother's ring."

Carly looks at it with interest. "It's beautiful. If it were mine I'd wear it all the time and not around my neck. Does it fit you?"

Alexis puts the ring on. "Perfectly, but for so long this ring would have meant my death. My mother was killed for what this ring represents."

"But that's not true anymore, is it? I mean Jason doesn't care who your mother was and the people you are afraid of already know. So why hide it? I mean, its part of who you are, right?"

Resolutely Alexis removes the chain from her neck and takes the ring from it, wearing it finally in the open. A surge of strength runs through her as the secrets fall away.

"It's beautiful and it looks good on you. Did all of your stuff come from the hotel?"

"Yes, Thank you."

"Do you have anything to wear to the hospital benefit tonight?"

"What?!" Alexis gasps.

"Well I can't go; I look like hell. And as much as Jason hates it, he has to go because it's the grand groundbreaking on the AIDS wing that Sonny put 30 million into. I can't picture that kind of money, can you?" Carly starts going through Alexis' closet. "I think that you should wear this one. It would go with the ring and with your hair up you will look hot." Carly flares a deep red velvet dress with a sweetheart neckline that exactly matches the ring.

"But I'm suppose to stay here." Alexis protests.

"For how long, Alexis? Things have changed. You're not here anymore because Jase is helping out Luke. You're here because you asked Jason. Luke's got nothing to do with it now. Going public is saying that you aren't part of the feud. At least that's what I think, besides it would really piss off Luke.

Alexis laughs at the glee in Carly's voice, laughing for the first time in months. "A worthy goal in itself. But isn't Luke your uncle?"

"Uncle Luke and I have this love/hate relationship. He loves to tell me 'I told you so' and I hate when he does it-- especially when he is right."

"Something we have in common."

"Who'd 've thunk it? But I guess that makes two things: Luke and now Jason. So I'll tell Jason that you're going?"

Alexis takes a deep breath. "Yes, I'll be attending."

"Good! I'll tell Jason he isn't getting out of it. Take notes okay? I want to know everything that happens." Carly rises and crosses to the door. She turns to make one last comment. Her face is serious and her tone low. "You know, You're bigger than I am and Uncle Luke says that your handy with a handgun, but if you do anything to hurt Jason-- I'll kick your ass."

"I'd expect nothing less."


Night On The Town


In the limo the driver and bodyguard sit in front while Jason and Alexis sit in the back.

"May I talk to you privately?" Alexis inquires. Smoothly Jason pushes the button that raises the smoked opaque partition between the front and back. "I did something today that you need to know about. I went to the courthouse today."

"I know. Mario told me. He also said that I'd given my okay. If I had known you wanted to go, I wouldn't have sent Carly." Jason replies mildly.

"I left before the explosion outside the courtroom. After our... conversation I didn't know whether I'd ever see the inside of a courtroom again."

"And you spoke with Dara..."

"Yes, she may call, but she doesn't know that I'm with you."

"Are you? Are you with me, Alexis?"

"Yes." Sliding down the floor boards that separate them, Alexis kneels looking up at Jason her throat within reach of his large capable hands. "Everything on this floor is yours...." she quotes back to him.

Jason reaches out with one hand cupping her chin with his thumb he softly brushes her bruised lower lip. "Does this still hurt?"

"No." Alexis takes his thumb in to her mouth laving it gently before drawing it into the hollow of her mouth. Reaching out she balances herself with both hands on Jason's rock hard thighs. Alexis observes that all of Jason is hard, strong and virile.

"You don't have to do this."

"I know." Alexis responds. Jason reaches forward with his other hand entwining it in her hair dislodging the pins that had been holding it up.



Outside the hospital. The limo is parked but nobody disembarks as the couple in back make repairs to their appearance. Jason observes Alexis looking for the pins to put her hair back up after reapplying her lipstick. "Leave it down, it looks good."

Alexis looks over at her lover who is tucking his shirt in smoothly. She takes in his sated heavy eyed gaze and laughs. "I don't think we'd fool anyone anyway."

"Are you ready for this?"

"No, But lets do it anyway." Alexis takes a deep breath as Jason taps on the glass partition. Renaldo opens the door to the back offering his hand to Alexis who steps out first. Jason is right behind her sliding one hand to the small of her back. They proceed into the hospital and the banquet inside.

Inside the banquet hall a momentary hush falls over the crowd as Alexis and Jason make their entrance. Quickly the whispers begin. Jason and Alexis make their way to the table where Mike Corbin and his date Mary Scanlon are already seated. Alexis can feel the heated stares of Ned Ashton, Stefan Cassadine and Luke Spencer in the middle of her back. The evening proceeds smoothly as dinner is served and speeches made. But Alexis can feel the fuming gaze of Stefan throughout the evening.

"Stefan is furious."

Jason takes Alexis' hand in a smooth gesture and brings it to his lips kissing her mother's ring. His icy eyes glint in anticipation. "Good."

"You like trouble, don't you?"

"It's never boring."

As the plates are cleared the band begins to play and people begin circulating to the various tables. "Stefan is waving me over."

"No. Tonight let him come to you. And Alexis, don't be alone with either Stefan or Luke tonight. There are new rules in play and both of them need to know it." Jason turns to Mike. "Mike, there might be some fireworks here tonight. If you and Mary don't want to be part of the show.... the band is sounding good."

Mike grins a crooked grin. "Planning on stirring up a hornet's nest?"

"Maybe, but I won't be the one getting stung tonight."

Mike offers Mary his hand. "Shall we dance?''

Mary replies, "Love to."

As soon as Mike and Mary leave Luke approaches the table and takes a seat without an invitation. "Well, this is a picture. Nice necklace, Alexis." Alexis hand goes to the diamond choker with a pendent that exactly matches her mother's ring. "My niece has one just like it with an emerald." Alexis looks to Jason who just smiles calmly.

"Alexis, why don't you find out from Justus how Dara is?" Alexis rises and gives Jason a 'be good' look before making her way to the Quartermaine table.

"So what happened to keeping the good counselor on ice?"

"Things change."

"Does Carly know you've found another use for the mouthpiece?"

Jason smiles at the double entendre. "Carly set this up... arranged for the necklace too. Carly's drawn a line in the sand-- either Alexis is with me or she's out of the penthouse."

"What ever happened to a man's home is his castle?"

"I run my business. Carly runs my place. It's a good arrangement."

"I hope you know what you're doing."

"Luke, Alexis is out of the Cassadine feud. She's under my protection now and won't be used as the stick that you beat each other up with. She still has a deep affection for Nikolas which I'm sure your wife will appreciate, but she's out of the war."

"What are you getting out of this besides a quick tumble in the back of a limo? Letting your libido do your thinking for you is something I would have expected of Sonny, not you. No offense but remember it was a woman that brought Sonny down. Alexis is too smart to not be thinking of trying to seize control... that's what Cassadine women do."

"Like I said before.... I run my business, Carly runs my house... Alexis will find her place. She knows my rules and the consequences for not following them."

Over at the Quartermaine table, Alexis avoids the questioning looks as she sits next to Justus inquiring as to Dara's health. Justus is surprised that Dara was involved in what happened at the courthouse and indicates that he hasn't heard from her. Ned stands behind Alexis' chair. Leaning over he asks Alexis, "Would you like to dance?" Dreading the upcoming conversation Alexis nonetheless acquiesces.

As a slow song plays Ned holds Alexis close with his mouth close to her ear. "You are just full of surprises, Alexis. I tried to contact you at the hotel but found you'd checked out with no forwarding address."

"I'm living at Jason's now."

Ned recoils, drawing back to look Alexis in the eye. "Why?"

"I'm taking your own advice... 'take a bold stance, in plain view, with a powerful ally.'"

"Jason wasn't who I had in mind!"

"Jason understands the situation in a way you never could. Besides-- you have your hands full with Alan's breakdown, Lila's health and AJ's agitating on the board. Add in your divided loyalties between them and your daughter in Brooklyn..."

"Alexis, I could have handled it!" Ned interrupts.

"Really?! Could you? Then where were you when I woke in YOUR hotel with a snake in my bed? Only two people have ever beat the Cassadine: Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer. Scorpio is dead and Spencer has paid for that arrogance. His wife taken and his mother-in-law kept a drugged drooling catatonic for years!"

"Damn it! If not me why not Spencer then? He seems willing to go toe to toe with Stefan?"

"Because Luke hated the Cassadine as much as Stefan hates Luke. He'd protect me only as long as he wanted then cast me to the wolves."

"And you think that Jason won't?"

"Do you understand him so little?"

Just then Jason cuts in-- Ned reluctantly leaves the dance floor. "Are you trying to explain me to Ned?"

"Maybe a little, more to explain the situation."

"He won't understand. The stakes that Ned understands is money not blood."

"I know." Alexis changes the subject. "You're a good dancer, somehow I didn't think you would be."

"Nothing fancy. Sonny's wife, Lily, taught me." Jason changes the subject again. "Are you ready to chat with your brother? I think that he's stewed long enough."

Back at the table both are barely seated when Stefan approaches. "You've sunk to a new low, Alexis. First Spencer and now this... thug."

Jason leans back in his chair his arm rests along the back of Alexis' chair. "Why is it any of your business what Alexis does?"

"Ms. Davis is co-counsel for this hospital her association with a known felon...."

Jason interrupts smoothly- infuriating Stefan. "I can see why you need an attorney, Stefan. In this country you have to be convicted of something in order to be a known felon. So you see I'm just like you-- a suspected felon."

Stefan's jaw tightens and leaning over the table he starts to get in Jason's face. "I've told you before Little Man you have no idea what you are dealing with. The influence of the Cassadine..."

Jason interrupts again leaning forward his face closer to Stefan's. "And I've told you before all you are to me is Loud and Standing too close! I don't give a rats ass what you do in Greece, Switzerland or Jakarta. You are living in my town now. Cross me and you'll have more trouble than you can handle."

Stefan draws back to his full height straightening but not ending eye contact with Jason. "Alexis, your services are no longer necessary at General Hospital."

"Alexis, do you want to keep working at the hospital?" Jason inquires softly his flat gaze never wavering from Stefan's.

"Yes Jason, I do."

"Then Stefan you had better reconsider that move. Wrongful dismissal suits can be so messy and who knows what might come out. Other people's dirty laundry means nothing to me and laying yours out for a court and press might be fun. Bet I could get you convicted of a felony before me... face it... I have the better attorney. Thanks for that by the way. But you did cut her loose so now touching Alexis personally or professionally is an insult to me. And there will be consequences legal and otherwise."

Just then the cell phone in Alexis purse rings. Both men are briefly distracted as Alexis answers. "I had my calls forwarded because I was expecting a call." Alexis focuses on her caller. "Where are you? ... Okay, I need to check a few things but there should be someone there within an hour. Right. Be safe!" Alexis terminates the call. "Jason, can we leave now? I need to fill you in on some things."

"Yeah, we've done what we set out to do. Stefan, I think that you have your hands full with Luke and your mommy. Adding me to your list is your choice. Alexis isn't playing any of your Cassadine games anymore."

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