The Harem of Jason Morgan



Fraying Around the Edges

By Ashlyn


Jason rushes down the stairs as pots crash to the floor. "That's it, I've had enough!" A frustrated woman yells in a thick accent. Graciella nearly knocks Jason over as she huffs out of the kitchen. "I have tried, Senor Morgan. I have tried to adapt to the craziness that is your life."

"Graciella...." Jason begins.

"Senora Roberts, she was okay. She'd put in a special request here and there, but for the most part she let me do my job."


"Senorita Scorpio..." Cursing in Spanish she turns to her kitchen. "This is Senorita Scorpio. Notes left on MY appliances, menus especially designed by la maestra, orders to reorganize MY kitchen. If I wanted to be treated like the robot, I work for the IBM."

"Graciella, what do you need to make you happy?"

"Senorita Scorpio out of my kitchen!! You hired me 'cause I know how to do my job, if the Senorita can do better, then hire her!"

"I'll talk to Robin." Jason promises as he eyes the kitchen. "What can I do to help you with this mess?"

"I wash them, you dry and stack them." She announces as they enter the kitchen.

Meanwhile, back at the farmhouse, Sonny emerges from the kitchen, flour sprinkled on his nose and cheek as Alexis is entering with a briefcase in hand and a suitcase in the other. "You must be Lexi."

"Ms. Davis." Alexis corrects. "I thought you left town, Mr. Corinthos."

"I did, technically this isn't Port Charles." Wiping his hands on his apron, he approaches his new guest and reaches for her suitcase.

"Where is my room?" She asks while silently refusing to give up her suitcase. "I have a lot of work to do."

"We haven't had a chance to chat yet, Lex." Sonny replies.

"Ms. Davis." She corrects with a hint of aggravation. "I need a private phone line, a desk and a bed. Where is Carly?"

"You need a hot meal and that chip off your shoulder." Sonny retorts. "Your room is next to Elizabeth's, third door on the left. You'll be sharing a bathroom with her. Dinner is in twenty minutes, Carly and I have decided that everyone can use the together time, so be there."

"You're quite bossy." Alexis snaps.

"What can I say, you bring out the best in me. See ya in twenty, Lexi."

Walking down the hall she calls out angrily. "MS. DAVIS!!!"

Back at the penthouse, Robin takes her seat at the dinner table as V and Dara end their discussion. "Where's Jason?"

V shrugs her shoulders. "He said something about getting take out."

Jason enters the room with a tray of Chinese take out. "Dig in." He instructs as he puts the tray down.

"Graciella was making roasted lamb tonight." Robin says.

"Graciella has the night off." Jason states coolly.

"Oooh, it just got a little chilly in here. V, what do you say we order pizza in our place?" Dara says as she leaves the table.

V smiles at Jason. "Pizza sounds good. Later."

After they leave, Robin turns to Jason with a hurt look on her face. "Are you angry with me?"

"Should I be?" He retorts, pushing his plate away from him.

"You obviously are. Jason, I can't read your mind. What is the problem?"

"Graciella almost quit today because of your interference in the kitchen."

"Jason, she is an employee," Robins says defensively. "They are supposed to receive instructions."

"She is MY employee." Jason points out as he gives Robin a hard look. "I have total confidence in her ability to do her job. I expect you to show her the same respect I do."

Her wounded brown eyes bore into his. "I'm sorry, Jason." She says with the slightest hint of a crack in her voice. Her eyes well with tears as she places her hand on top of his. "It won't happen again."

Jason's icy demeanor melts. Pulling her into his lap, Jason kisses her deeply as dinner is forgotten.

A few hours later

Alexis sadly watches Emily bid a a tearful goodbye to Carly. "Emily, could I speak to you for a moment?" Emily composes herself, and follows Alexis into her room.

"You seem happier here." Emily comments with a hint of anger in her voice.

"I'll miss you." Alexis admits easily. "I feel like a rat who's abandoned ship."

Emily manages a smile. "You're really catching on to slang, Nikolas would be envious."

"Are you okay, Emily? You seem really sad today."

A sullen teenager appears out of nowhere, transforming the sweet girl into a hard angry woman. "I'm just fine, no need for you to worry about me."

"Right, so why the tears?" Alexis quips. Softening, she places a hand on top of Emily's. "It's okay if you miss us as much as we miss you."

Emily pulls away as she clenches her fists tightly. "YOU LEFT ME!" She says bitterly. "You left me with that pushy bitch, who I swear is almost like Grandfather, but worse. At least he's tolerable."

"Emily..." She begins but is quickly cut off.

"No! Don't you dare try and explain this to me. First Carly leaves, and you know, I understand why she did. I'm not just some stupid kid. Jason wouldn't let Carly be Carly, so she left. Then, well Liz left with her. Okay, I guess I can see where Robin would remind Liz of Sarah. But why did you have to leave, Alexis?? You're stronger than Robin! You have tolerated worse than her, Nikolas has told me about his grandmother, if you survived her..."

This time it's Alexis who cuts into the conversation. "I am tired of just 'surviving', Emily. I want to LIVE. I can't really explain my reasons, but you if you believe in me, you'll accept I only did what I had to do."

"I hate it there," Emily says as a tear slides down her cheek and her bottom lip quivers. "Johnny tries to keep me amused and Dara's been great, but I hate it. It's almost as bad as living with the Quartermaines. And at least with them, their agendas are out in the open."

"You could tell Jason that you want to move here." Alexis suggests.

"No, I love my brother, and I won't give HER the satisfaction of running me off too. I can do this." Emily turns to leave and calls back to Alexis. "Thanks for the shoulder though."

"It's here anytime you need it, Emily."

The door closes as Alexis flops back wearily on her bed. A knock at the door causes her to groan. "Yes?"

"Sorry, didn't realize you were napping, but this can't wait." Carly says as she enters the room. "You got to Em first, so what's going on?"

"She's miserable." Alexis says as Carly paces angrily. "She feels like we've all left her to the wolves, make that wolf." Alexis narrows her eyes as she says coldly. "If Robin hurts her.."

"You'll have to get in line, Sister, because if Saint Scorpio so much as looks at Em the wrong way, I'll be all over her like butter on a biscuit." Carly's southern drawl thickens as her ire grows. "It's bad enough that the rest of us had to leave, But Em is Jason's sister, they need each other."

"He needs his son too."

Carly's eyes flash with anger again as she turns on Alexis. "His son is here anytime he wants to see him! I would never keep Michael away from Jason."

"I understand that, Carly. However, it's not the same as him having Michael with him all the time." Alexis points out. "I can't hold you at fault over this, Robin is unbearable otherwise I wouldn't be here. I'm just stating that our actions have consequences."

"That's the truth." Carly agrees before exiting the room.



Mind Your Damn Business

By Ashlyn


Filled with nervous energy after Emily's departure and her conversation with Alexis, Carly starts to clean up the living room. After arranging the pillows on the sofa and straightening the magazines on the coffee table, she turns her attention to the flowers.

From the doorway, Sonny watches as Carly angrily rearranges the flowers. "Problems?" He asks.

"Naa, everything is just peachy." She mutters sarcastically, a fake smile on her face.

"You really let Robin get to you." He casually points out.

"What the hell do you know about anything?" She exclaims, turning to face him.

"I know Robin. She isn't the beast the rest of you make her out to be."

"Right, we're ALL exaggerating and you're the ONLY one that understands her and the situation." Rolling her eyes, she retorts. "What is it with men and defending that sanctimonious wench?"

"She's a damn fine woman, Carly. She's been through more pain than anyone should ever endure. She watched the love of her life die a painfully slow death from AIDS and has been fighting the very same virus with remarkable courage! She saw the good in Jason, and brought it out..."

"Oh for crying out loud! Enough!" Covering her ears, she groans. "I'm going to be sick if you keep it up. Yes, it's been pointed out to me that Robin is pure, sweet, and all things wonderful. Hell she makes GOD look like a sinner."

"You're insecure." Sonny snaps.

Carly strides over to him, thrusting her index finger in his face. "YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!"

He takes a step back, grinning at her. "Angry? I thought you didn't give a rat's ass about Robin?"

"I'll slap that cocky smile off your stupid face if you don't shut the hell up." Carly fumes. "You claim to know the princess of perfection? HA! You only see what she wants you to see. She only shows her true colors to those she doesn't consider a threat."

"I think you place too much blame on Robin. If your relationship with Jason held water..." Sonny falters momentarily as Carly throws a vase past his head.

"I told you to shut up!!" She yells. Michael's crying fills the room. Ashamed, she begins to cry, sinking to the ground, her hands circling her knees as she weeps. "What's wrong with me??"

"I have him, Carly." Liz calls out and the crying from the infant ceases.

Brenda rushes into the room, eyes the situation and then glares at Sonny. "What the hell did you do?"

"What do you mean, what did I do?" Sonny asks, clearly taken back.

Alexis goes to Carly's side, shooting daggers at Sonny. "Let's talk in my room."

Carly goes with her, leaving Brenda and Sonny alone. "I thought you and Robin were friends."

"I thought I loved you, things change." Brenda retorts, watching as pain fills Sonny's eyes. "Not so fun when someone hurts you, is it? Why didn't you back off of her? She's upset."

"She needed to hear that Robin isn't as bad as she says she is. I'm tired of hearing Carly run her down."

"She needed you to SHUT THE HELL UP!" Brenda hollers as she folds her lean arms across her chest then takes a deep breath. "A lot of things have changed since you left, Sonny. A lot of people have changed. I love Robin, but I don't like what she's become. She is controlling, smug, condescending... hell, she's JAX. I didn't see it in him at first either. I thought everything he said was the gospel, just as I did with Robin. You see, Robin has this way of surrounding herself with messed up people. Tainted merchandise, if you will. Then she tells anyone who listens that she sees the good in us, the true people that we are. She doesn't love any of us for who we are, but who she aims to make us. She'll work hard at trying to turn us into her little pod people, and we will tell her how wonderful she is, and she is happy. Sound familiar? You crushed my heart, Sonny. You made me feel pain that I didn't think I would survive, but guess what? I did survive, and I'm stronger and smarter than I was before. So, believe me if you want, I could care less, but if you ever go after Carly or anyone else I care about the way you did today, I'll see that you aren't able to hurt anyone ever again."

Turning on her heel she walks out of the room, leaving Sonny, open mouthed and in shock.





Don't Mess with Momma's Lil' Chick

By Ashlyn



Johnny taps on Jason's office door. ''Bobbie Spencer is here to see you.''

''Send her in.'' Jason replies, not knowing if this will be a pleasant visit or his worst nightmare. Bobbie's cool exterior reveals nothing as she takes the seat he offers. ''I haven't seen you around lately.''

''I wasn't sure I was welcome.'' Bobbie replies honestly. ''Carly gave me some new pictures of Michael and asked that I drop some off with you.'' Fishing around in her bag, she retrieves them. ''He grows more every time I see him.'' Noticing the sadness in Jason's eyes, she asks. ''Are you okay?''

''I miss them.'' He says as he flips through the pictures. He breaks into a smile at a pictures of Sonny holding a cell phone to Michael's ear.

Bobbie leans forward hesitantly. ''Jason, I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but why exactly are they gone?''

''Carly didn't feel comfortable here anymore.''

''Apparently, neither did Alexis, Brenda or Elizabeth, since they are all at the farmhouse too. Jason, do you understand why they left?'' Bobbie asks.

''They had their reasons.'' Jason says coldly. ''I really don't want to discuss this.''

''Tough, because like it or not, you're my grandson's father, thus that makes you my family. Do you have any idea what it means when a Spencer considers you family?''

''Not really.'' Jason shrugs. ''But you're going to tell me anyway, so go ahead.''

''It means that statements like, 'I really don't want to discuss this', cease to have any meaning. You're in pain, my daughter's in pain, and my grandson is living away from his father. I'm told that the one factor that is responsible for this, above all else is Robin. And not just from Carly.''

''Bobbie, I love Robin.'' He says.

''I see, but are you in love with her? Does she occupy your every waking thought? Do you feel complete when she's not with you?'' Bobbie presses. ''I believe that at one time you would have answered yes to all of these questions, but things have changed. A child and time are known to do that. Jason, if you love Robin and you're happy with the way things are, fine, I wish you the best of luck. But, if you love my daughter, and her memory is haunting you, I would suggest you figure out a way to get her back. Carly won't wait for you forever.'' Gathering up her things, she smiles at him. ''I know the last thing you need right now is another pushy woman telling you how to live your life. But Jason, I've been in Carly's shoes, and she has my genes. Think about it.''

Moments after Bobbie has left another distraction occurs that tears Jason away from his business dealings.

''Get out of my face!'' Emily says angrily as Robin refuses to move out of the way.

''I won't tolerate this kind of disrespect!'' Robin hisses angrily. ''I asked you where you've been and I expect an answer.''

''I don't have to answer you! I took my bodyguard with me, so it's none of your business. How dare you arrange that luncheon for me!''

''WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?!'' Jason roars as he looks back and forth between the two angry women. The beginning of a tension headache is well underway.

''Emily was supposed to meet me for lunch, and rather than call and tell me where she was, she just didn't show up!''

''I showed up!'' Emily corrects as she turns to Jason angrily. ''In time to see Mom and Grandfather at the table with her! She set me up.''

''They are your family, Emily! They have a right to see you.''

''And I made the choice not to see them! Don't my rights count?''

Jason interrupts, glaring at Robin. ''What were you thinking? I told you to stay out of Emily's relationship with the Quartermaines!''

''Jason, you aren't seeing the clear picture here. They are her family.'' Robin argues. ''How would you feel if they wouldn't allow you access to Emily?''

''I haven't kept them away from her, she made her own choice and she's old enough to think for herself. This isn't your business, Robin. You had no right to interfere in Emily's life!'' Jason is practically seething as he turns to Emily. ''I'm sorry.''

''Why are you always apologizing for her?'' Emily asks tearfully. ''She is the one who keeps pushing everyone out of your life!! I would be out the door right now, but I can't just abandon you to her.''

''You are out of line, Emily!'' Robin says angrily. ''I'm tired of your whining about Carly leaving. Yes, you like her better. I get that loud and clear, but I won't allow you to walk all over me like she did. You are a child, and children need structure and guidance in their lives.''

''You're an obnoxious home wrecker and I hope Jason wises up and tosses you out! I've had it! Jason, it's her or me, if you can't walk away from her, I can.''

''Emily, this can be worked out,'' Jason says, looking helpless.

Tears begins to flow as she takes in the situation. ''Fine, you made your choice, I hope she makes you happy!'' Running up the stairs she slams her door shut.

Jason follows her as Robin calls after him. ''Jason, she just needs to cool down. You're playing right into her hands ...''

Johnny picks up his phone and dials a familiar number. ''Renaldo, you better make room for two more, Emily is about to head out to the farmhouse and I'll be joining her.''

''What's the matter?'' Renaldo asks with concern.

''Robin and Emily had a huge blowout and I don't know, Emily is all upset right now. Just warn Carly another one is on the way.''


Liz watches as Carly flies out of the house angrily. Turning to Sonny she mutters. ''I'd hate to be whoever she's after.''

''She does have a temper, she reminds me of her Uncle.'' Sonny says.

''I wouldn't tell her that!'' Liz teases. ''So, you finished in the kitchen?''

''Yep, I took your advice and decided to go with the Chicken Parmesan tonight. You really think Alexis will like it?''

Liz giggles at his nervous excitement. ''You are so into her! The more she snaps at you, the faster you come back for more.''

''She is a very intriguing woman.'' Sonny points out. ''You seem pretty fond of her yourself.''

''She's pretty groovy.'' Liz says. ''So, what are you planning on doing today?''

''Hmm, I was thinking I would go fishing.'' Sonny says with a smile. ''You want to tag along?''

''Tag along?'' She rolls her eyes. ''I don't think so. Fishing sounds incredibly boring.''

Brenda and Alexis join them as Alexis crinkles her nose. ''Fishing?? I think not.''

Sonny studies the sexy attorney, clad in cut off denim shorts covering her black bathing suit. Obviously the clothes have been borrowed from Carly. ''You've never tried it, have you, Lexi?''

''Ms. Davis.'' She says through gritted teeth. ''No, I have not experienced the joy of fishing.'' The disdain in her voice is unmistakable.

Renaldo comes up from behind them and laughs. ''How can you hate something you've never tried?''

Alexis groans. ''I have never tried walking over hot coals, but I assure you that I would not like that either.''

''I thought that was the initiation to Law School.'' Brenda teases as she adjusts her white bikini. ''Tell ya what, Renaldo, why don't you and Sonny go off and become one with the fishies while Alexis, Liz and I do a little sun worshiping.''

Renaldo shrugs. ''Cool with you?''

''Let's do it.'' Sonny agrees as the five of them head off to the pond.

Laying on rafts in the water, the three women lounge lazily as the sun's rays dance over their glistening skin. Alexis starts the conversation, addressing Liz. ''Nikolas has been calling and asking to speak to you.''

Brenda chuckles as Liz blushes. ''Um, did he say anything to you?'' She asks nervously.

''No, but he is keeping something from me, and so are you. I remember what it was like to be a teenager in love...''

''I am not in love with that rude, overbearing, pompous, jerk,'' Liz protests.

Brenda and Alexis exchange knowing glances and say in unison. ''She's in love.''

''I am not! He's a first class idiot.''

Brenda splashes water at her playfully. ''You are so hooked on him, Girlfriend.''

Alexis giggles. ''As he is on you. Perhaps you should stop avoiding his calls and talk to him.''

''He hates me.'' Liz says softly.

''If he hated you, he wouldn't keep pursuing you.'' Alexis says with knowledge. ''I know my cousin.''

Not the way I do, Liz thinks to herself, before changing the subject. ''I don't think they're having much luck fishing.''

''I don't understand, Sonny complains as he holds his line. ''Bread always worked before.''

''You're using that garlic bread from last night?'' Renaldo asks.


''They're probably dead then, that stuff was um, foul.'' Renaldo says with a grin. ''No offense.''

''It was not foul, it was full of flavor.'' Sonny scowls as Renaldo baits his hook. ''You aren't doing any better with those worms.''

''At least they aren't foul.'' Renaldo says. ''I don't think the fish are biting.''

''It's their fault.'' Sonny says as he points to the girls. ''Their gabbing is scaring the fish away.''

Renaldo ponders this for a moment before saying, ''Works for me. Want to forget it all and go for a swim?''

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